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Gusto: The Easy-to-Implement Addition to Your Wellness Benefits Plan that Actually Makes a Difference in Employee Health and Your Company’s Bottom Line

For those in corporate health & wellness, it often feels like an uphill battle to design a wellness plan that actually “works.” Specifically, in designing a plan that makes your company happier, healthier, and more productive as a whole.

Between the never-ending besiege of new “this is it” solutions…
Between finding the time within your already jam-packed day to implement, organize & oversee plan initiatives…

And between the futile attempts to design a plan that makes everyone happy (including your boss, your Wellness Benefits committee, and the employees your plan directly affects)…

It’s not always easy to meet this responsibility head-on.
And that’s why Gusto To Go can help as the easy-to-implement addition to your Wellness Benefits Plan that actually makes a difference. For a healthier, more productive office. 

“I drink 2 Gustos a day and all my stomach problems are solved, I have less migraines, and feel much more energized. VERY glad we just got more Gusto [delivered] today!”

Page Christenbury
Marketing Specialist at GetLeverage

9 Reasons Why Choosing Gusto is

Good For You & Your Company

Reason #1: You’ll help your employees with an uncomfortable & distracting problem that affects 70 million Americans.

Although we might not always talk about them, uncomfortable digestive & gut issues—including stomach upset, bloating, indigestion, gas, diarrhea, nausea, and constipation—are a lot more common than we think. Yes, this means a lot of people in your workplace are suffering (often privately) from them as well!

Gusto to Go’s combination of 19 natural ingredients soothes these uncomfortable symptoms for relief. Continued use of Gusto actively works to rebalance the entire digestive system, thus preventing these symptoms from returning (unlike most


Reason #2: You’ll boost the health, productivity & energy of your workforce (and thus impact your entire company’s bottom line).

An unbalanced digestive system & gut does a lot more damage than just causing uncomfortable digestive problems. An unbalanced gut is also the culprit for the  “Silent Productivity Killers” in your workplace like brain fog & low energy.

Gusto’s FDA-backed formula supports digestive and immune health for a balanced gut that not only eliminates annoying digestive issues, but also diminishes brain fog and helps your body create more natural energy. In other words, not only can Gusto help decrease the number of sick days people take and lower company health care costs, but it can help your employees feel better, be more present & more productive when they’re in the office!


Reason #3: You’ll be offering a solution that ALL your employees can use.

Most company’s Health & Wellness plans focus on the 25% of their employees with explicit health risks (like smoking, poor diet & inactivity). But what about the rest of the employees that are fairly healthy but may still be unknowingly encountering the “Silent Productivity Killers” in Reason #2?

Your employees all have different health needs, yet Gusto is an addition to your Wellness Benefits Plan that everyone can benefit from in just one serving a day. Not to mention Gusto is also gluten-free and free of common allergens like dairy, nuts & soy so no one is left behind!


Reason #4: You’ll be adding something to your Wellness Benefits Plan that you know actually makes a difference in your employee’s lives (with measurable results in 10 days or less).

With Gusto, you won’t need to wonder “if this will actually work” like other common Wellness Benefit initiatives. Based on the results of 23 clinical trials, the ingredients in Gusto’s formula are FDA approved to support digestive and immune health.

And most people feel a noticeable difference by taking Gusto (including reduced digestive issues, less brain fog & more natural energy) in 10 days or less. In fact, we’re so confident that your employees will feel a noticeable difference that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee if they don’t.

Learn more about how Gusto and its ingredients work here.


Reason #5: You won’t need to spend your time managing, overseeing, or marketing.

Not only is Gusto effective, it’s also easy to set up. Just make Gusto available in your office for your employees to take once daily and tell them it’s there….and that’s it!

And since the results of Gusto often speak for themselves, once employees begin taking it, they’ll want to keep taking it. No need for extra management, oversight, or marketing from you.


Reason #6: You won’t need to set up pricey external incentives or guilt-trip employees into participating.

As much as you might try, you’ll never be able to convince your entire office to go to the gym 5 days a week or eat more leafy greens.

But since Gusto doesn’t require any major lifestyle changes (the only commitment is to add a pouch of Gusto to a glass of water, tea, or milk once a day), you can convince everyone in your office to give it a try. You’ll find no need to offer expensive bonuses or send out constant “participate now!” emails.


Reason #7: You really will be able to please everyone (from your bosses to your benefit plan’s committee to your co-workers)

Your bosses will be happy with the extra expenses they can skip like cash benefits or pricey gym memberships. Your committee will be happy to have a simple, easy-to-implement solution they can easily measure the results of. Your co-workers will be happy to have a Benefits plan initiative that doesn’t take up much of their time and actually makes a healthy, positive impact they can feel.

In other words, Gusto is as close to a crowd-pleaser as it comes!  


Reason #8: You’ll be able to easily & quickly measure the results (and get a 30-day guarantee if you don’t see them).

Measuring the impact of your Wellness Plan to see if it’s working can be tricky. With Gusto, it’s simple. After a few weeks of using Gusto in your office, all you have to do is send out a quick survey asking if your employees have noticed a difference in their digestive health or energy.

If most say yes, then you know it’s working. But if most say no? Then we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.


Reason #9: Out of all the elaborate plans and expenses of many Wellness Benefit plans, nothing could be easier to implement, more affordable, or give the most widespread & measurable health impact across your company as Gusto.

Contact us to see about getting Gusto for your office.


“Constantly being on-the-go can often lead to a poor diet with insufficient nutrition. When time is of the essence, getting daily health benefits in a quick, convenient way is crucial — which is why Gusto to Go is a great option to add to any busy [workplace]”

Mike Bush
Executive Board President, International Probiotics Association

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Gusto’s formula is a powdered mix that comes in once-daily individual pouches.

    It has a lightly sweet flavor, so we recommend adding the pouch to a favorite drink like milk, water, juice, or tea.

  • If someone is currently having digestive symptoms, we recommend up to 2 servings per day. Once the symptoms are relieved, you should take Gusto once daily for general digestive & gut health maintenance.

    Most people feel noticeable results from Gusto in 10 days or less.  

  • Yes, each of the ingredients in Gusto meets the FDA’s ‘Generally Recognized as Safe’ (GRAS) standard.

    Based on the results of 23 clinical trials, the ingredients in Gusto are also FDA approved to support digestive and immune health.

    Is Gusto Gluten-Free And Allergen-Free?

    Gusto is all of the following:

    • Gluten, sugar & fat-free
    • Low Salt
    • Non-GMO
    • Free of common food allergens like dairy, nuts & soy

    In other words, anyone can take Gusto!

    (Note: Although we don’t include any of the common allergens in Gusto’s formula, it is possible for someone to be allergic to an individual ingredient. Please ask your workers to read through Gusto’s ingredients list before taking it.)

  • Please see our How Gusto Works + Our Ingredients page for more information.

  • Anyone can benefit from taking Gusto.

    People who are currently suffering digestive issues will experience relief, usually in 10 days or less, by taking Gusto.

    Those who aren’t suffering clear digestive issues may still unknowingly be getting hit by “silent productivity killers” (like brain fog and low energy) that are caused by an unbalanced digestive system. In cases like this, people often don’t realize they have a problem until they start taking Gusto and feel a difference in their general well-being.

Craft a healthier, more productive workforce with Gusto.

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