70-million Americans feel crummy and are starving for more natural energy. Are you one of them?

Are You suffering from digestive distress, low energy and foggy thinking?

Stop it! Here’s how.

Do you suffer annoying, uncomfortable and recurring digestive distress and bouts of low energy and mental focus? These symptoms can put you in a terrible mood.

Digestive distress ranges from indigestion, acid stomach, persistent gut discomfort, cramping, bloating and excessive gas. Don’t forget those stronger symptoms of nausea, diarrhea, or constipation.

All these distracting symptoms result in even larger problems such as…

  • low energy & weariness

  • heightened chemical sensitivities & allergies

  • uncomfortable waste elimination

  • lowered ability to concentrate and focus, and

  • weakened immune defenses (making you less effective in fighting diseases and sicknesses).



I understand when you suffer like this. Why? Because I’ve been there myself. You need not continue to suffer. I’m here to share some great news!

Hello Friends,

I’m Pansy Flick. Allow me to share my own short story of transformation & hope. I’m sure you can relate.

Digestive issues had been slowing me down for years but I was too busy to identify the problem. As the personal shopper at Neiman Marcus, I was on my (high-heeled) feet all day long, loving the clothes I had easy access to but dragged down on the inside.

When I went on an anniversary trip to Italy with my husband, I was hit hard. Sure, I was eating pasta for lunch with wine (wouldn’t you?) but I couldn’t rev up my energy like I wanted to. I used my best Italian trying to find what I needed in their pharmacies, but no solutions were available.

I looked in all the airport stores on our way home for products for weary travelers (and I’m not talking about Red Bull). There was nothing.

Upon returning home, I said, “There has to be a better way.” But since I like clothes and am not a scientist (nor do I play one on TV), I was referred to a food scientist. We spoke at length and I decided he was the genius I was looking for to create what I wished I had taken with me to Italy.

Over the next 3 years, a whole host of scientists created a very special beverage enhancer product that does truly amazing things, in natural ways that scientifically support your own core bodily functions so you can be your best.

We chose to call our product “Gusto to Go” because it helped me to feel better and live with more enthusiasm, no matter where I went.

Gusto is a flavorful packet of 19 important ingredients, including probiotics, prebiotics, numerous digestive enzymes, important minerals like magnesium and calcium, an assortment of fibers, stomach-ease herbs like Ginger & Chamomile, and amino acids.

When poured into water this enhanced beverage begins to resolve your symptoms and the problems that caused them.

We decided to focus our business on helping you get transformed so you can live happier, healthier, with more energy and mental focus. Then you too can begin to get back to living your life with enthusiasm and gusto!

That is why we created Gusto to Go.

This is now my passion and the focus of our business.

Since you have some of these nagging issues, you’ll be interested in Gusto to Go.

How in the world can this be new?

You may ask (as we did), “Why hasn’t a complete digestive solution to my imbalances been produced before?” The answer may astound you: the major over-the-counter national brands would lose money. This is true.

Think about it. They have no interest in providing a complete digestive solution in one product. Doing so would render all their various “symptom solutions” as unnecessary. They love to sell you individual “solutions” for your symptoms. Take this for heartburn; that for gas or bloating; this for constipation; that for diarrhea; this for sour stomach, etc., etc.

And, for the same selfish reasons they have little interest in solving the problems that cause your symptoms. It would hurt their individual cash-cow potion sales.


What changes does Gusto make?

Your out-of-balance digestive system contributes to incomplete digestion. Is this so important? You bet it is! Because incomplete digestion results in reduced nutrient absorption from your foods.

So what.

And this nutrient malabsorption results in 5 major problems (in addition to those annoying symptoms):

  1. You experience reduced natural energy levels, resulting in even more weariness despite good nights of sleep.

  2. You may struggle with persistent weight problems.

  3. Your immune system gets weaker and less effective in fighting germs and sickness. (This problem definitely exists, but you may not “feel” it.)

  4. As previously mentioned, your physical discomforts due to an out-of-balance digestive system are quite noticeable while adding even more stress to your life.

  5. Even your brain is hampered by reduced focus, anxieties and even depression due to lower levels of serotonin (which regulates your moods).

All these problems impact your life, your career, your day-to-day work, your family responsibilities and your social life.

Amazingly, you are not alone! You may be one of 70-million Americans, most in otherwise good health, who suffer daily from some form of digestive distress despite eating a healthy diet, getting exercise and hydrating yourself (nearly to the point of drowning).

The predictable Solutions often Don’t Work!

There are a ton of experts who get this wrong, because their remedies for nearly everything are exercise and diet, plus hydration.

By themselves these practices don’t work well for gut-level solutions (or give much relief from them). Neither does increased fiber, over-the-counter antacids (such as Tums), probiotics (that’s right. You’ll learn why most probiotics are a waste of time), diet beverages, low-fat diets, low carbs, low calories and even gluten-free foods and drinks (unless you have a real gluten sensitivity issue).

While exercise, diet and hydration are important they’re certainly not the complete solution you need for how for keeping your body healthy & well!


You deserve to Live Well!

It’s easy to live life happier and healthier, with more enthusiasm, when you know EXACTLY what your body needs!

With Gusto to Go…

    • You will have more peace about your journey knowing you are taking an easy but seriously effective step in the right direction.

    • You will have an enhanced ability to live and enjoy your life enthusiastically, with gusto!

  • You can appreciate that your wise and proactive efforts have paid off. Your desire to make this fundamentally important change was a step of faith, and it worked!

  • Gusto to Go gives you what you need without you having to become a nutrition scientist!

  • It really is as easy as drinking some water or tea, anytime just once a day with Gusto added in. You’ve now transformed an ordinary beverage into one that matters!

Bottom line? Gusto to Go gives you more control, more comfort, more natural energy and a stronger body.

Gusto to Go helps you to enjoy your favorite foods without fear of gas, bloating or heartburn, with normal regularity, reduced abdominal pain & cramping. You can be more mentally focused and productive, feeling more rested from better sleep. All of which help you look better, feel better, and think better. Thus, you have an enhanced ability to live your life happier, with more enthusiasm and gusto! This isn’t rocket science (but it is science).

Fixing digestive problems is essentially returning your body’s natural “feel good mechanisms” back into balance and keeping them there.

What causes these digestive problems?

Nearly 2,400 years ago the Greek physician, Hippocrates (the “Father of Modern Medicine”), reportedly said, “all health begins in the gut.” He has been proven right by thousands of modern scientific studies.

Your gut contains 60% of the cells in your entire body. When they are not properly functioning, neither are you. It’s really that simple.

The major causes of an out-of-balance digestive system are:

  1. Stress

  2. Poor eating habits

    1. Excessive alcohol

    2. An imbalance in the ratio of good gut bacteria versus bad gut bacteria.

    3. The use of antibiotics (which unfortunately kill the good gut germs right along with the bad ones). Even some prescription medicines can cause you to get out-of-balance.

Compare Gusto to Go with the National Brands

We invite you to try any competitor’s stuff and compare with our Gusto to Go. We want you to judge Gusto side-by-side with those over-the-counter “solutions”. That’s how confident we are.

The big over-the-counter brands are selling incomplete quasi-promises, no better than vitamins (that often are not needed and make no difference). Western medicine has adopted the philosophy that says, “try to resolve the symptoms” (but not the problems that cause them). We believe this is backwards.


Why should you believe me?

Does this sound too good to be true? As you read this I wouldn’t be surprised if you are skeptical. All of us have been lied to, deceived, misled and duped for most of our lives by slick marketers of main-line over-the-counter potions.

Most don’t work. At best, some will mask your symptoms so you temporarily “feel” better, but they do not begin to address the problems that caused your symptoms. (Thus, you’ll be back to buy more products that do not resolve anything.)

It probably wasn’t your idea to be satisfied only with temporary symptom relief allowing your symptoms to return again and again.

Ka-Ching! That’s the sound of your money filling their bank accounts.)

You may be asking: “Is this Risky?”

You deserve to know there is NO RISK here.

Either Gusto works for you or you must email us for a return of your money.

You don’t even have to return a partially empty box of Gusto. Frankly, this is a common ploy others use because they know it is a hassle and many unsatisfied customers are simply too busy to “follow all the return instructions” for a refund. We find this an awful policy.

And, nearly all over-the-counter solutions (including supplements), in grocery and drug stores offer no guarantees. Why not? Do they know something we don’t?

It is utterly defeating to realize you have been taken advantage of once again. This isn’t fair. This isn’t how you treat others. This does not need to continue.

We’ve made it very easy.

  • Simply email us at support@gustotogo.com.

  • Please put the words Gusto to Go Refund Request in the Subject line.

  • Finally, tell us who you are and where to send your refund. Your request will be handled in a prompt and friendly manner.

That’s it.

Frankly, we have no problems with this policy. We want you to feel you are treated as we wish others would treat us.

Your reason for requesting a refund would be nice to know, but is not required.

Our promise is not a 30, 60 or even 90-day guarantee. It is a ONE YEAR Guarantee! (When was the last time you saw one of those?) This is when the other guys offer no guarantee whatsoever. Why don’t they?

Here’s What you get with Gusto

In just one drink, once a day, without much thinking about it you assist your body to be its absolute best. You can do this – it’s marvelously easy – in seconds, virtually anytime and anyplace.

Taking Gusto to Go makes major contributions to your:

    • Convenience. Life becomes simpler.

    • Portability: (Our packaging is lightweight – compared to heavy, bulky bottled drinks or numerous bottles of supplements.)

    • Gusto is much less hassle than supplements. Your life becomes instantly less cluttered.

    • It is Your Choice of when, where and how to take Gusto. 1-drink with 19 super ingredients (probiotics, prebiotics, fibers, enzymes, herbs, minerals and amino acids), versus a total of 24-30 large supplement capsules each and every day.

    • Pleasant taste. (Our flavors enhance water and iced teas. And coming soon… a neutral flavor which goes great with your other favorite beverages, like coffee or fruit juices.)

    • Safer than assorted supplements and possibly the negative interactions between them. (Our scientists worked this out at the very beginning of their research.)

    • Gusto to Go works! (Better moods, more natural energy, fewer digestive pains and discomforts, less brain fog, stronger immune system, enhanced nutrient absorption, a sense of being fuller without the bloat, and natural regularity without laxatives.) Gusto resolves not just those irritating symptoms, but also the problems that cause them.

    • You get support for each stage of your digestion.

    • Live Probiotics. Dead probiotics are a waste of your money. Most die on the shelves waiting for you to stroll by in hopeful anticipation, or in your harsh stomach environment. Our patented probiotics are alive and well and can’t wait to do their part for you.

  • Great Value/Price. (About half the price of comparable, high-quality, large supplement capsules, and virtually none of the hassles.)

    • One solution to a crying need: (Not every wellness challenge is based upon diet or exercise – although these things are important). The #1 issue is nutrient absorption which happens only when your digestion is properly supported and balanced. Everything else depends on this!

  • Gusto to Go is guaranteed. No results? No charge. No hassles returning empty containers either. What a pain that is.

The Cost

What’s it worth to live happier and healthier, with more natural energy?

The cost of each box for a week’s supply is “less than a daily custom coffee at Starbucks.

P.S. Your Time is Valuable

You’ve spent a considerable time here trying to better understand your predicament and our solution for it.

With continued use, Gusto to Go helps maintain a balanced digestive system so you continue to enjoy feeling better, with more natural energy and mental focus.

Gusto to Go is especially valuable for those extra stressful situations like overseas travel; and pre- and post-antibiotic usage.

Gusto to Go is a superior way to turn just one of your hydration waters each day into one that really matters!

Are you ready to give Gusto a try to see how it works?

You have nothing to lose.

Gusto may not be for You

  • Gusto isn’t for treating diseases like IBS, Crohn’s, colitis, ulcers, cancers, etc.

  • Gusto isn’t for you if you do not suffer “digestive distresses” that millions of others have. Be thankful for that.

  • Gusto is not for those who take supplements of ingredients also included in the Gusto to Go formula (such as magnesium). There is no need to take some of your supplements if they have the same ingredients as Gusto does. Doubling up is expensive and may have unanticipated results.

Let me clarify. If you take supplements containing magnesium or digestive enzymes, then stop taking them. Gusto contains the correct amounts of those same ingredients and you will be taking too much if you continue to take more via supplements. Don’t take supplements unless they are for a totally different purpose.

In a couple weeks, you can be in the same tired situation, feeling the same old digestive distresses, or, you can hit the restart button and get back to living healthier and happier. You can be enjoying your life with gusto and enthusiasm once more.

Current supplies are limited. Our next production will take a couple of months. Why delay. You deserve to be your best.

Pansy Flick, Founder

Pansy is President of Choosing Gusto, Inc., in Austin, Texas.

P.P.S. We offer convenience to anyone who desires to simplify their lives. One convenient, tasty beverage per day vs. 24-30 capsules of comparable daily supplements.

  1. We have an affordable, effective, pleasant way to stay naturally energized, while supporting your core digestive & immune systems.

  2. Gusto is a proactive healthy beverage enhancer scientifically designed to help you be your best!

Our goal was to create a convenient, portable formula that supports the body’s digestive and immune systems to combat the effects of stress & anxieties, poor eating, antibiotics, etc.

Taking Gusto to Go results in making the body and mind stronger and more capable of dealing with additional stresses and anxieties.

What some Gusto users are saying

I love this product!!! I travel a lot, and this is perfect as I tend to overindulge in my favorite foods when I am on the go. My stomach does not share my affection for some of my favorite foods and has caused me trouble. But now I just take a packet with me, pour it into water and drink it and my stomach loves it!! It’s so easy to stay healthy! And my it makes my stomach flat! (I am a 54-year old women) It has a great, mild pear and ginger flavor. I also recently had surgery and took it every day for a week prior to surgery so I would not suffer any adverse effects from the antibiotics. No problems!! Thank you!!!! – LS, Austin, TX

I have been looking for a probiotic to help with stomach problems especially when traveling. I love this stuff; the taste and handy packets I can throw in my bag and go. A great side effect: tons of energy! About to order another box. – Bennett’s Mom

“I am sold on Gusto! Since I started using it, I’ve noticed improvement on my gut issues that began in 2005 when chemotherapy and radiation left me with a challenge. My husband, Charles, is sold on it as well. We are headed to Venice and Florence and are definitely packing it so we can live our lives with gusto!!” Alegria H, TX

FYI I’m your biggest fan! Not sure if you noticed, but I’ve ordered like 10 boxes of Gusto to Go over the last few months. I drink 2 (packets) a day and all my stomach problems are solved. I have less migraines and feel much more energized. I recently ran out for about 4 days and WOW did that wreak havoc on my body. 🙂 VERY glad I just got more in the mail today!”  Page C, NC

“Gusto is the absolute best! I take it with me whenever I travel to maintain top immune and digestive health. Highly recommend Gusto to Go to busy moms, business travelers and anyone else wanting to optimize their health!”  Currie J, ID

“I had a friend recommend Gusto to Go to me as I was going through a crazy period of my life and not eating as well as I should have.  I went down that downward slide that one can take when you have too much going on and not eating as well as you would if you had the time to make better food choices.  I got Gusto to Go on her recommendation and love that she told me about it!  I used it during that time period, but then felt so good so it’s become my daily routine to keep me on track.  I put a packet into a warm cup of tea in the morning and I love the taste, the ritual and how I feel.  I have carried the packets with me on trips and it’s super easy to stir into whatever you’re drinking while on the go.  When I looked on the website to order, I was really impressed by not only the science behind the product, but how they give back.  Great company, great product!” Trish H., TX