About 1/3rd of your clients are getting unwell at your wellness resort/retreat.

We have a way you can resolve this and apart from your competitors.

Attention: Wellness Resort Owners & Managers

Your business as a preeminent Wellness Destination Retreat is dependent upon happy, healthy, and fun experiences.

Obviously, you go to extraordinary lengths to make sure their wellness experience is a rewarding and memorable one.

This involves minimizing the risks that your clients may face.

One of the most fundamental risks is your customer’s daily health.

Did you know?

Statistically, 53% of your customers will suffer from some unplanned-for health issues on any particular trip. And the largest category of health issues involves unbalanced guts adversely affecting a whopping 35% of all your travelers.

Fact: Gut problems are ruining too many visits.

Travelers often suffer the annoying symptoms of gas, indigestion, bloating, nausea, diarrhea, cramping, or constipation. These symptoms leave your travelers uncomfortable, weak, weary, and brain-fogged.

It’s no wonder some don’t feel well, even at your wellness retreat.

How fun is that?

Imagine if you could positively change the experience you and they desire for at least 1/3rd of your customers.

We offer you a way you can stand out and be a part of the solution.

Gusto to Go is our convenient beverage enhancer (of 14 natural ingredients), that when added to one water, just once a day, transforms that ordinary drink into significant help for those with out-of-balance guts!

Gusto to Go promotes and maintains the balance of the digestive system for:

    • increased comfort
    • a strengthened immune system, while
    • improving the body’s natural production of physical and mental energy.

4 Reasons Why You Should Care

1st Reason: Set yourself apart from your competition

This strategy makes a fabulous first impression possible. And, your customers talk to friends, so this is a great way to improve the goodwill you deserve.

Fact: The NIH report that over 70-million American adults suffer from digestive problems, on a daily basis right here at home.

Fact: if your customers have persistent gut challenges at home, then, they are bringing these problems on their travels.

As you can imagine… going on a much-anticipated travel adventure and getting sick is not a good thing. These challenges are NOT your fault. However, you can play a significant part to help when they occur.

This strategy makes you memorable.

What can you do about this?

First, during their travel pre-planning stage you can help them recognize that there is a solution for these issues.

Your efforts to help them are bold, but also thoughtful and considerate.

Why do these gut issues happen?

The answers are complicated. But for many people their travels cause more stress – and more stress conspires to cause more digestive distress.

Nasty symptoms develop. One’s core engine for health – the gut – begins to suffer. This further causes one to be weak, weary and brain-fogged.

This is no recipe for a wellness adventure.

Reason #2: This strategy is Simple to Implement

First, a question:

If you learned where your customers were going had an outbreak of cholera, wouldn’t you advise them to get the proper travel shots so they could be protected?

Of course, you would.

Why shouldn’t you give the same caring advice and apply it to their day-to-day health?

It would be to your credit and reputation to advise them on how to avoid such gut problems so that they could have the most enjoyable adventure possible.

In your follow-up confirmation email, you might already be supplying them with travel tips for their consideration. This is an excellent time to mention your concern about these things.

After all it is your desire to do everything possible so they can experience the truly extraordinary wellness programs you have designed.

Travel arrangements are often planned weeks and months in advance. Therefore, why not send them a complimentary box of Gusto to Go to try prior to their departure?

If they find it helpful, they can always get more from you or directly from us. (This is just one idea how Gusto can help you to help your customers).

If they do not have gut-related travel issues, then you might suggest they pass your gift of Gusto on to a friend as their gift.

Either way, with your attempts to help, you can’t lose, and neither can they. 

Regardless, will they remember you dared and cared enough to offer them help?

We guarantee they will.

At least 1/3rd of the boxes you send will have a very positive influence for your customers and on your business.

They may try your free box of Gusto and be delighted to purchase prior to departure. Your pre-travel gift can be a home-run!

This strategy is similar to one used by real estate agents. They often send a gift basket or plant to their new home buyer. It is a small but unforgettable gesture.

3rd Reason: Positive Outcomes are Probable

    • Your customers will feel better on their vacations
    • They will travel with fewer nasty symptoms
    • They will be thinking clearer with less brain-fog; and
    • They will be more energized – naturally (not with fake energy from some hyper-caffeinated coffee product).

Now it is truly possible they can travel clear across the planet and return home in better health with a stronger immune system.

Reason #4: We have a Special Offer for You!

Here’s how this works:

We’ll discount Gusto by 25% for you to try this trial strategy.

This is a small fee to deeper ingratiate you and your services to your customers. This is an excellent marketing effort for you.

Order one box (7-days of servings), or more for a few of your customers.

Then, tell us who and where they are (one-by-one), and we’ll then ship directly to them on your behalf. (This trial qualifies for FREE shipping too.)

Your Special Discount Code for this trial is: WR25

If they require more Gusto when they get closer to departure, you can have some on hand for resale at the suggested retail price ($29.99/box). Your cost in quantity can be as low as $14.99/box.

That way you get ongoing credit for being helpful and actually make some money on each purchase.

Or, if you prefer, just give them your special discount code (WR25) and send them to to get more. We’ll handle the sale and fulfillment.

This is what we do. It might just be your best choice and one more thing you can take off your plate.

Yet you still get credit for introducing them to our solution, for getting them such a significant discount, and for improving their travel adventures with you!

But ultimately you are helping them to enjoy their travels even more.


Contact us if you have any questions.

We would welcome the opportunity to explore how Gusto can help you to help your people.

Gusto to Go is our scientifically thoughtful beverage enhancer functionally designed to put back into proper balance one’s poop problems, energy deficiencies, improve their thinking and memory, and mental energies necessary for critical thought, and to improve the quality of their sleep.

These benefits make for happier and healthier travels.