Attention: Well-Being Benefit Providers & Consultants

    • You can get credit for bringing a fresh, affordable, new strategy to your client’s wellness program – FAST!
    • Help your client’s bring those employees currently receiving no (or few) benefits into the company well-being plan.

Here is a solid strategy for boosting your Customer’s Well-Being Program

Your clients are always looking for value-added help from you.

So, the question is: Can you conveniently add even more value?

YES, You Can!

How can you easily bring more value to your Customers, FAST?

The National Institutes of Health says, “Over 70-million American adults suffer distracting digestive challenges on a daily basis.” Not all those sufferers are truly diseased, yet their guts are definitely out-of-balance.

And because their ‘reasonably healthy’ employees find few current benefits that apply to them in the Plan, they naturally feel “left out” as if the company really doesn’t value them. This is truly a lost opportunity, for them and for you.

What’s the big deal with unbalanced gut health?

Out-of-balance guts contribute to incomplete digestion.

    • Incomplete digestion results in reduced nutrient absorption from foods.
    • Reduced nutrient absorption results in 4 major problems:
      1. Employees experience reduced natural energy levels resulting in even more weariness.
      2. Employee’s immune systems are weaker and less effective in fighting germs and sickness.
      3. The physical discomforts (indigestion, gas, nausea, cramping, vomiting, heartburn, bloating, diarrhea, or constipation due to an out-of-balance digestive system), are quite noticeable while adding even more stress to their lives.
      4. Even brains and thinking/creativity are hampered by reduced focus, anxieties and even depression due to lower levels of serotonin.

All these problems impact their lives, their career, their day-to-day work, their family responsibilities and their social life.

Now you can show your clients how their well-being Plan values & cares for these employees too!

Even though these employees are ‘reasonably healthy’ they are still suffering from reduced mental and physical energies which are negatively affecting their work and overall moods.

This causes them to be overly tired and weary, with fuzzy thinking (all similar effects from the loss of sleep).

There is no way these employees can be their best!

Show your clients an easy way they can help their employees be their best – both on and off the job.

Help your clients experience amazing success.

    1. Greater Employee productivity with greater comfort, and
    2. Reduced Employee disengagement
    3. This strategy actually improves Employee’s health which can make their company a “Best Company to work for.”

Just imagine when . . .

Your consulting advice helps your clients to help their employees to:

        • have less stress
        • have improved moods, morale, attitudes, and job satisfaction, and
        • increased gratefulness & company loyalty.

All naturally fueled by increased mental and physical energies!

In other words…

    • These employees become better Team Players improving productivity
    • The Company culture improves
    • And employee turnover is reduced.

Isn’t this what any well-being program is striving for?

Bottom Line? Workers feel better so they can work better!

Gut health is really the underlying start and source for all well-being. (If appropriate, you can modify your health tracking technologies by adding gut health considerations to them.)

The newest, easiest strategy to fight the epidemic of ‘Silent Productivity Killers’

Approximately 30% of current full-time workers are suffering from ‘Silent Productivity Killers.’ This is a largely overlooked lost opportunity.

Why are they “silent”? Because these private gut issues are not often discussed. But this doesn’t mean that if the company had something for these issues the workers wouldn’t participate. Workers will self-opt-in to participate.

This Gusto strategy is uniquely different from diet and nutrition counseling.

This is a stronger (and more immediate), strategy. A strategy that is just now coming to the forefront.

This is where your value to your clients begins to soar.

You are thinking strategically, while they tend to think tactically.

Position Your Firm Above the Competition

Frankly, this strategic thinking is essential to your value as a Provider.

The trends are clearly towards “a greater focus on people-centric programs for addressing preventive holistic wellbeing.”

If you are the manager of their well-being benefits program, this will not swamp your own boat with loads of new complexity.

Implementing a practical yet simple plan is a big requirement. No one wants another complicated plan.

What is Gusto to Go?

You know that Gatorade was designed as a “functional” beverage to replace lost electrolytes.

Gusto to Go also makes a “functional” beverage taken once-a-day for resolving and maintaining good gut health.

Gusto to Go is a flavorful beverage enhancer of 14 natural ingredients. (By the way, Gusto is much more than just a flavoring for water or another way to get some hydration.)

Gusto’s scientifically-designed formula includes:

        1. All essential Digestive Enzymes necessary for absorbing proteins, carbs, and fats!
            • The Purpose: Improve nutrient absorption; reduce cramps, acid reflux, bloating, gas, and stomach upset while boosting one’s natural energy. Nothing good happens without these enzymes. They are essential for overall health, energy, endurance and immunity!
        1. Gusto’s blend contains Symbiotics which are Probiotics plus Prebiotics (a much more effective combination than mere probiotics alone)
            • The Purpose: Helps repair, rebalance and maintain the gut’s critically important microbiome system. This helps the gut to be healthier and balanced.

3. The magnificent mineral Magnesium. Did you know the FDA reports that 80% of Americans are deficient in magnesium?

            • The Purpose: Magnesium is critical for 300 bodily processes. This means magnesium supports the entire body for overall wellness.

4. Gusto is also an excellent source of Fiber. The typical American is only getting half-to-2/3rds of their daily needs for fiber.

            • The Purpose: to support intestinal regularity for the relief of constipation & diarrhea; and delays post-meal hunger by helping one to feel “fuller” longer.

5. And Gusto includes “stomach-soothing” herbs like Ginger & Chamomile

            • The Purpose: These spices are antacids, antibacterial agents and antioxidants.

When Gusto is added to an ordinary drink like water (just once per day), this creates an enhanced functional beverage which begins to resolve their persistent and annoying gut symptoms and the problems that caused them.

All of which helps them feel better, think better, and work better.

You can show your superiors and your well-being committee how they can improve worker lives to be happier and healthier.

Adding Gusto is extremely easy


Because strategies that are preventive and/or focus on wellness maintenance are the easiest to implement.

The Gusto strategy is…

    • Simple to Implement requiring little added management overhead
    • Simple to Communicate to Workers and C-Suite (with minimal ongoing encouragement)
    • Simple to Measure with observable & quantifiable results
    • No Organizational changes are required. (This may be one of the easiest strategies any well-being plan has ever implemented.)
    • No Worker behavioral changes are required for success with Gusto. (After all, everyone drinks something every day.)
    • No external incentives are required. Your Company doesn’t pay workers for taking aspirin for headaches, right? Gusto is its own reward. Gusto provides self-sustaining well-being help because it works, is easy and it smoothly fits into their routines.
    • No time is lost away from work using the Gusto strategy!

Gusto to Go gives their Employees:

    • more control
    • more comfort
    • more mental focus
    • more natural energy and
    • a stronger, healthier body.

Our Gusto to Go is dedicated to helping you and your client companies be more successful. Gusto is your newest value-added option.

CONTACT US to get started or answer your questions.

For more than living… Gusto, for working & living well!