Avoid the Silent Productivity Killers stalking your Travelers

Attention: Company Travel Execs and TMCs

There is 1 major area that may be overlooked in your ‘Duty of Care’ responsibilities, according to the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA).

So, What’s the Problem?

Travel Execs and TMCs have a daily “Duty of Care” responsibility to help keep their travelers safe & secure, but also well. The “safe & secure” is already being addressed.

The health of your business traveler is a well-known risk. If they have a heart attack, or break a leg, then chances are you have procedures in place to get them quick and professional care. Great Job!

This is good for you, good your company culture and great for your travelers. Well Done!

However, proactive prevention for and maintenance of their day-to-day healthy well-being is one area of traveler risk that is largely being overlooked.

You may be thinking, “Oh, give me a break.”

But seriously, this ‘taking care of the whole traveler’ is a major requirement right along with keeping travelers safe, secure & productive.

These are all necessary prerequisites for meeting business objectives and controlling travel expenses.

What are we talking about?

GBTA Foundation research has confirmed that 53% of all business travelers will experience some health-related risks on any particular trip.

Unfortunately, it is often the little things that hamper optimum success & productivity.

And one of the most common of these risks relates to those who suffer from unplanned-for gut issues.

The ramifications? Your business travelers simply cannot be their best or be their most productive.

You are well aware of the results after a miserable night of sleep. You know the next day you will be weary and tired. Your brain is in a fog. You are going through the motions. But your creativity and productivity are greatly diminished.

This is almost exactly what happens when gut problems occur.

Yet gut issues are actually worse.

Why? Because suffering involves additional annoying physical symptoms that the loss of sleep does not involve.

Approximately 35% of all your travelers will suffer from gas, indigestion, bloating, heartburn, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, cramping, or constipation.

This is both annoying and distracting. But it gets worse!

These nasty symptoms also contribute to even larger issues.

They leave your travelers:

    • With weaker natural defenses against bad germs and sicknesses.
    • Your traveler’s energy, endurance & stamina are compromised leaving them tired, weary, and physically weaker.
    • Mentally, their brains are fogged out affecting their focus, thinking and memory.
        • All these issues affect their moods, their creativity and their productivity.

How un-productive is all this?

We have Great News!

We have a way YOU (personally), can stand out and be a part of the solution.

Over the past 5-years, our scientists have developed a remarkable, convenient beverage enhancer that transforms any ordinary drink (like water or tea), to help resolve, maintain, and even prevent these gut issues!

Our Gusto to Go is a proprietary blend of 14 natural ingredients including extra fiber, critically important digestive enzymes, stomach-soothing herbs, probiotics & pre-biotics, amino acids, and 3-forms of magnesium (for overall digestive support, for energy creation, and for improved focus, thinking and memory).

Our goal was to address every point in the complete digestion process that might get out-of-whack.

Gusto is Simple to Use

Your traveler simply adds one packet of Gusto to water, anytime, just once a day, (Everyone drinks something. This makes Gusto simple to use.)

Gusto promotes and maintains gut balance for:

    • improved comfort
    • a stronger immune system, and
    • for unblocking the body’s natural production of physical and mental energies (typically upset by various forms of travel-related stress).

The Gusto strategy is also:

    • affordable
    • traveler-convenient
    • portable & packing-friendly
    • takes virtually no time to consume, and
    • gives your traveler the benefits everyone desires.

Gusto is Simple to Implement

In your own way, simply make them aware that if they have experienced these gut issues when traveling, then you may have something that will help.

The NIH report that over 70-million American adults suffer from gut problems, on a daily basis right here at home.

Some of these suffers are your travelers. It takes no new travel stresses for them to get upset when on the road. They have taken their problems with them.

Perhaps offer them a box of Gusto to Go to try over a week prior to leaving. If they find Gusto helpful, they can always get more from you before departure.

What can you expect when you help your travelers?

You can be associated with several positive outcomes: 

  1. Traveler morale improves
  2. Their sleep improves
  3. Their productivity improves
  4. They experience less of the effects of jet lag
  5. They bounce back sooner from exhausting travels; and
  6. They are able to last longer in their travel-related work positions.

Bottom line: Your traveler experiences:

  • more convenience
  • more comfort
  • more physical and mental energies, and
  • a stronger immunity (which means they get sick less)
  • Travelers obviously experience another significant way their “Company Cares” making your company a Great Place to Work!

This is true wellness. And, only when they are well can they truly be their best for your company.

When they feel well, they work better. (This isn’t rocket science, but it is science!)

Imagine being able to positively change the experience that 35% of your travelers have!

Gusto is Safe

Whatever you do, you have no interest in incurring new risks.

The FDA considers Gusto to be so safe they have it classified as a food product!

Gusto doesn’t spike you with caffeine, sugars, weird stimulants, artificial colors, preservatives, flavors or fillers.

Gusto only gives you what your body needs to return to or maintain the great gut balance critical for wellness.

Gusto is Gluten-free, non-GMO, contains no Fats, low Carbs, Calories, and Sodium.

What’s next?

Let’s explore together how Gusto can help you to help your travelers be their best.

Perhaps Gusto to Go would make a nice addition to your Voluntary Benefits list at a great savings to your travelers.

CONTACT US or call Elliott at 512-459-6200 to discuss further.