Are You suffering from digestive distress, low energy and foggy thinking?

You can Stop it! Here’s how…

Living Well takes Great Guts. You have what it takes.

Do you suffer annoying, uncomfortable and recurring gut issues and bouts of low energy and mental focus?

Guts that are unbalanced typically are accompanied by nasty, distracting and annoying symptoms, such as: indigestion, acid stomach, gut discomfort, cramping, bloating and excessive gas.

Don’t forget those stronger symptoms of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or constipation.

Unfortunately, it gets worse. All these symptoms result in even larger problems such as…

    • Lower natural energy & weariness
    • Uncomfortable waste elimination
    • A lowered ability to concentrate and focus, and
    • Weakened immune defenses (making you less effective in fighting sicknesses).


You’ve been trying very hard

You’ve probably heard and tried many wellness strategies. Truthfully, we all are desperate for something that will make a difference in our day-to-day wellness.

FACT: More than 35-million American adults experience persistent indigestion, nausea, cramping, bloating, vomiting, gas, diarrhea, or constipation – often on a daily basis (according to NIH statistics).

None of the habits of diet, fitness, hydration, or mindfulness are helping much with our “gut health.” Before these habits can truly work, your body (beginning with your guts), must be properly working.

I understand when you suffer like this. Why? Because I’ve been there myself. You don’t need to suffer. I’m here to share some great news!

Let me tell you my Italy story.

Hello Friends. I’m Pansy Flick.

When my husband and I went on an anniversary trip to Italy, we were hit hard with digestive challenges. Sure, I was eating pasta for lunch with wine (wouldn’t you?). But I couldn’t rev up my energy like I wanted to. I used my best Italian trying to find what I needed in their pharmacies, but no solutions were found. I’m not talking about Red Bull. There was nothing.

Returning home, I said, “There has to be a better way.” But since I like clothes and am not a scientist (nor do I play one on TV), I was referred to a diet & nutrition scientist. We spoke at length and I decided he was who I needed to create what I wished I had taken with me to Italy.

Our scientist looked at the big picture. He asked, “What did the body have to do in order to feel well, energized, be ‘regular,’ and to promote clearer thinking?”

The answer was both astounding and simple – honestly.

Over the next 3 years, a team of scientists created a very special beverage enhancer that does truly amazing things, in natural ways, to scientifically support our core gut functions so we can be our best.

We chose to call our product “Gusto to Go” because it helped us to feel better and live with more enthusiasm, no matter where we were. Hundreds of trials confirmed we were on to something very cool.

A year later we thoroughly enjoyed our Amsterdam adventure to the max with our Gusto! We won’t go back to traveling unprepared and suffering ever again.

And because Gusto is safe and predictable, we continue to drink one Gusto every day back home for maintaining our ongoing wellness.

Our Motivation

Our business focuses on helping you get transformed so you can live happier, healthier, with more energy and mental focus.

Sharing Gusto is now our passion.

What is Gusto to Go?

You know that Gatorade was designed as a “functional” beverage to replace lost electrolytes.

Gusto to Go also makes a “functional” beverage for resolving and maintaining good gut health.

Gusto to Go is a flavorful beverage enhancer of 14 natural ingredients. (Gusto is much more than just a flavoring for water or another way to get some hydration.)

Gusto’s scientifically-designed formula includes:

    • All essential Digestive Enzymes necessary for absorbing proteins, carbs, and fats!
        • The Purpose: Improve nutrient absorption; reduce cramps, acid reflux, bloating, gas, and stomach upset while boosting one’s natural energy. Nothing good happens without these enzymes. They are essential for overall health, energy, endurance and immunity!
    • Gusto’s blend contains Symbiotics which are Probiotics plus Prebiotics (a much more effective combination than mere probiotics alone)
        • The Purpose: Helps repair, rebalance and maintain the gut’s critically important microbiome system. This helps the gut to be healthier and balanced.
    • The magnificent mineral Magnesium. Did you know the FDA reports that 80% of Americans are deficient in magnesium?
        • The Purpose: Magnesium is critical for 300 bodily processes. This means magnesium supports the entire body for overall wellness.

Gusto uses 3-different forms of magnesium for gut health, energy, and for better thinking and memory.

    • Gusto is also an excellent source of Fiber. The typical American is only getting half to 2/3rds of their daily needs for fiber.
        • The Purpose: to support intestinal regularity for the relief of constipation & diarrhea; and delays post-meal hunger by helping one to feel “fuller” longer.
    • And finally, Gusto includes “stomach-soothing” herbs like Ginger & Chamomile
        • The Purpose: These spices are antacids, antibacterial agents and antioxidants.

When Gusto is added to an ordinary drink like water (just once per day), this creates an enhanced functional beverage which begins to resolve persistent and annoying gut symptoms and the problems that caused them.

All of which helps you feel better, think better, and have improved energy for enjoying life better.

You can do this – it’s marvelously easy – it takes just seconds, virtually anytime and anyplace.

It is best to start taking Gusto daily. This begins the rebalancing process. For most this becomes a preventive and proactive part of their daily routines.

You deserve to Live Well!

It’s easy to improve your wellness when you know EXACTLY what your body needs.

Nearly everyone believes that eating smart and drinking smart, will result in an improved state of wellness. Frankly, this is not enough.

Yes, this is how the body should work. Yet our scientists told us this thinking is too simplistic.

But why is it that most of us are weak, tired and weary as if we only got half of the sleep needed last night?

First, our body – beginning with our guts and digestion – must be properly working.

    • Guts properly working means we are absorbing all the nutrients from our food.

You may ask, “doesn’t my body naturally absorb all those good nutrients and supplements I have been taking?”

The answer is a resounding ‘NO’. There are many things which will hinder the absorption of your nutrients, beginning with guts that are out-of-balance.

What’s the big deal with unbalanced guts?

    • Out-of-balance guts cause incomplete digestion.
    • Incomplete digestion results in reduced nutrient absorption.

This reduced nutrient absorption results in 5 major problems:

Problem 1: You experience reduced natural energy levels, resulting in even more weariness despite good nights of sleep.

Problem 2: You may struggle with persistent weight problems.

Problem 3: Your immune system gets weaker and less effective in fighting germs and sickness.

Problem 4: As previously mentioned, your physical discomforts due to an out-of-balance digestive system are quite noticeable while adding even more stress to your life.

Problem 5: Even your brain is hampered by reduced focus, anxieties and even depression due to lower levels of serotonin.

All these problems impact your life, your career, your day-to-day work, your family responsibilities and your social life. (These issues can ruin your travel plans too.)

What causes these gut problems?

Hippocrates reportedly said, “all health begins in the gut.” Modern science has confirmed this.

When your guts are not properly functioning, neither are you. 

It’s really that simple.

The major causes of an out-of-balance digestive system are:

    1. Stress
    2. Age
    3. Poor eating habits
    4. Excessive alcohol
    5. An imbalance in the ratio of good gut bacteria versus bad gut bacteria.
    6. The use of antibiotics (and some prescription meds).

With Gusto to Go…

You get you what you need without having to become a nutrition expert!

Bottom line? Gusto to Go gives you more control, more comfort, more mental focus, more natural energy and a stronger body.

All of which help you look better, feel better, and think better.

Gusto to Go gives you control

  • Convenience. Life becomes simpler. Gusto is much easier than supplements.
  • Gusto gives you choice so you can decide when, where and how to take Gusto.
  • Naturally, Gusto to Go works! Better moods, more natural energy, fewer digestive pains and discomforts, less brain fog, stronger immune system, enhanced nutrient absorption, and natural regularity without harsh chemical laxatives.
  • Live Probiotics. Dead probiotics are a waste of your money. Most probiotic brands die on the shelves or in your harsh stomach environment. Our patented probiotics arrive alive and can’t wait to do their part for you.

What’s it worth to live happier and healthier, with more natural energy, and clearer thinking?

The cost of each serving of Gusto is less than a daily custom coffee at Starbucks.

Compare Gusto to Go with the National Brands

Western medicine has adopted the philosophy that says, “resolve the symptoms” (but not the problems that caused them). This is the philosophy of nearly all over-the-counter products. We believe this is backwards.

You have two Choices

Do you want to take a total of 24-30 large supplement capsules over two times each day?


Would you rather consume a drink you will normally be drinking anyway? A drink now enhanced with Gusto – just once a day, anytime, anyplace?

In a couple weeks, you can be experiencing the same tiredness and suffering the same old gut discomforts.


You can hit the “restart button” and get back to living healthier and happier, enjoying your life with enthusiasm once again.

Is this Risky?

You deserve to know there is NO RISK here.

Either Gusto works for you or you must email us for a return of your money. Our promise is a 90-day unconditional guarantee. Simple & fair.

Gusto may not be for You

There is no need to take some of your supplements if they have the same ingredients as Gusto does. Doubling up is expensive and may have unanticipated results.

Are you ready to give Gusto a try to see how it works? 

You have nothing to lose.

Pansy is President of Choosing Gusto, Inc. in Austin, TX


Our goal was to create a convenient, portable beverage enhancer that supports the body’s digestive and immune systems to combat the effects of stress & anxieties, poor eating, antibiotics, etc.

Taking Gusto to Go results in making the body and mind stronger and more capable of dealing with additional stresses and anxieties.

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