• You can bring a fresh, affordable, new strategy to your well-being committee or superiors and get credit for it.
  • You can make significant progress with those workers currently receiving no (or few) benefits from the company well-being plan. We can help!

Here is a solid strategy for boosting your Company’s Well-Being Program

Your company is always looking for value-added help from you.

So, the question is: Can you conveniently add even more value? FAST?

YES, You Can!

The NIH says, “Over 70-million American adults suffer distracting gut health challenges on a daily basis.” Not all those sufferers are truly diseased, yet their guts are definitely out-of-balance.

This affects approximately 1/3rd of your workforce.

And because these workers find few current benefits that apply to them in the Plan, they naturally feel “left out,” as if the company really doesn’t value them.

This is certainly a lost opportunity that can be turned around quickly & easily.

What’s the big deal with Gut Health?

Gut health is really the underlying start and source for all well-being.

WOW! Hippocrates was right when he said, “All health begins in the gut.”

The gut is now the new frontier in well-being & preventive health.

Gut Health problems cause incomplete digestion.

  • Incomplete digestion reduces nutrient absorption.
  • Reduced nutrient absorption results in 5 major problems:
    1. Employees experience reduced natural energy levels resulting in even more weariness.
    2. Employees may struggle with persistent weight problems.
    3. Employee’s immune systems are weaker and less effective in fighting germs and sickness.
    4. The physical discomforts (indigestion, gas, nausea, cramping, vomiting, heartburn, bloating, diarrhea, or constipation due to an out-of-balance digestive system), are quite noticeable while adding even more stress to their lives.
    5. Even their brains, their thinking & creativity, and their memory becomes hampered.

All these problems impact their lives: their career, their day-to-day work, their family responsibilities and their social life.

Even ‘reasonably healthy’ employees are suffering from reduced mental and physical energies which are negatively affecting their work and overall moods.

This causes them to be overly tired and weary, with fuzzy thinking (all similar affects from the loss of sleep).

There is no way these employees can be their best!

Your company can now have an easy way to help employees be their best – both on and off the job.

Just imagine when . . .

Your management advice helps your company to help its employees:

    • To have less stress (90% of HR professionals cite stress is negatively affecting over 70% of the workforce.) Stress causes digestive problems and digestive problems cause more stress.
    • To have improved moods, morale, attitudes, and job satisfaction.
    • To witness increased employee gratefulness & company loyalty.
    • To have more control, comfort, and a stronger, healthier body.
    • All naturally fueled by increased mental and physical energies!

In other words, the Key Benefits include:

Your Company will enjoy even greater productivity when…

      • Employees have clearer thinking and improved energy,
      • When Employee engagement and Employee disengagement are improved
      • Employees stay longer with the company.
      • This gut health strategy actually improves Employee’s overall health which can make your company a “Best Company to work for.”
      • Your employees become better Team Players because you care.
      • Company culture and morale are strengthened.

Isn’t this what any well-being program is striving for?

Bottom Line?  Employees feel better so they can work better!

This is a stronger and faster strategy uniquely different from diet and nutrition counseling.

This is where your value to your company begins to soar.

You are thinking strategically, while upper management may tend to think tactically.

Is this New Strategy manageable?

As you know, any new plan strategies have a tendency to be overwhelming.

Not so with our Gusto to Go strategy.

Any change to the Wellness Plan must be practical yet simple. No one wants another complicated plan.

What is Gusto to Go?

You know that Gatorade was designed as a “functional” beverage to replace lost electrolytes.

Gusto to Go is also a scientifically developed and proven “functional” beverage for good gut health.

Gusto to Go is a proprietary beverage enhancer of 14 natural ingredients. [Learn more…]

When Gusto is added to an ordinary drink, like water, anytime, anyplace, just once a day, this creates a functional beverage which begins to resolve persistent and annoying gut symptoms and the problems that caused them.

All of which helps Employees feel better, think better, and work better with more natural physical & mental energy.

YOU can show your superiors and your well-being committee how they can improve employee’s lives to be happier & healthier.

Adding Gusto is Easy

  • Simple to Implement with little added management overhead
  • Simple to Communicate to Employees and C-Suite (with minimal ongoing encouragement)
  • Simple to Measure with observable & quantifiable results
  • No Organizational changes are required for success with Gusto.
  • No Employee behavioral changes are required for success with Gusto (After all, everyone drinks something every day.)
  • No external incentives are required. Your Company doesn’t pay employees for taking aspirin for headaches, right?

Gusto is its own reward. Gusto provides self-sustaining well-being help because it works, is easy and it smoothly fits into their lives.

  • No time is lost away from work using the Gusto strategy! Gusto works anywhere, at their desk or in the lunchroom, or anytime!

Our Gusto to Go is dedicated to helping you, your Company, and your Employees be more successful.

CONTACT US to get started or answer your questions.

Gusto works well as one of your Voluntary Benefits too.

For more than living… Gusto, for working & living life well!