36. The Top 4-Steps to Smooth Digestion for Smoother Travels

36.  The Top 4-Steps to Smooth Digestion for Smoother Travels

The Top 4-Steps to Smooth Digestion for Smoother Travels

Turn your ‘mean’ travels into meaningful memories

FACT: We are not what we eat.

We are what we digest (IF the food nutrients released by digestion are actually absorbed).

This absorption is everything! (And, it isn’t as automatic as you may think.)

Some of the required ingredients for complete digestion and absorption are lacking as we age, travel, get stressed, change diets, experience jet lag, drink too much of any liquids, and take strong medications – including antibiotics.



However, not everything eaten is properly digested. Digestion alone can be worthless unless the nutrients (proteins, fats, carbs, and vitamins) are actually absorbed into the body to feed, repair, and rebuild our 37-billion cells.

This revelation about absorption of nutrients changed my life. Eating well is a great start. But frankly, this is no guarantee your body will benefit from it.

You deserve to enjoy your travels as luxuriously as your accommodations. After all: your goal is to experience the new, restore your mind and body, and to have the joy, passion-filled enthusiasm to live your life with gusto! To enjoy your travels to the max you need to naturally produce all the physical and mental energy you can.




Being tired, uncomfortable, mentally fogged and generally weary are all signs your digestion is out of balance.

Good news! The ways to restore an out-of-balance digestion (and then maintain that balance) are quite straightforward.

When I experienced digestive challenges while on a two-week adventure in Italy, I came home and thought about what I wished I had been able to take with me. After a year of working with a food scientist, I learned no one solution will ever exist.




In a nutshell, it takes a blend of various herbs, amino acids, digestive enzymes, unique probiotics and prebiotics, the minerals of magnesium and calcium;  and a blend of soluble and insoluble fibers for us to absorb those vital nutrients.

Part of the luxury travel experience is appreciating the local cuisine. This is participating in the culture, supporting the community and promotes better understanding.  

This is a complex subject, but also critical for luxury travelers – especially after investing so much time and money on your luxurious adventures in travel.

The 4-step process to get the most out of eating.

Step 1: Eat wholesome, unadulterated, properly prepared foods. (Try to avoid the microwave as much as possible. They destroy digestive enzymes.)

Step 2: Eat more slowly; chew longer, and don’t drown your foods with large amounts of drinks with your meal.

Step 3: Sit back. Enjoy your sense of taste and fullness. Allow your body to do its magic – digesting and absorbing the nutrients you need.

Step 4. If you feel or experience an unbalanced digestive system, take a few simple ingredients that can begin to move you back into balance.

Pansy Flick, President/Co-founder

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