32. The Top 4 Ways to STOP Wasting YOUR Money on Probiotics!

32. The Top 4 Ways to STOP Wasting YOUR Money on Probiotics!





Are you one of the 70-million Americans that suffer daily with digestive issues?  (that's 1-in-3 adults)

In many cases, appropriate probiotics can make a real difference.

But first, we want you to stop spending your money and wasting your time buying probiotics that have no chance of helping.

Unfortunately, marketers have been misrepresenting probiotics to the American consumer.

Today, we know a balanced digestive system is critical to one’s overall health and wellness.

Increasing numbers of Americans are experiencing related health problems of weight gain, persistent fatigue, mental lethargy and focus issues.

The link between digestive issues and one's emotional well-being are well-documented.

Americans are experiencing unprecedented additional stress, anxieties, nervousness and even insomnia.

These symptoms make it tougher to live a happy, fulfilling life with passion-filled enthusiasm and gusto.

Probiotics can play an important role in digestion.

Millions of consumers are convinced they should buy them.

Marketers are failing to share the complete story.

You need to understand 4 essential truths.

Truth #1: Probiotics Must Be “Alive” to Work.

Probiotics are killed when exposed to heat, light, oxygen, or humidity.

A Dead Probiotic is Worthless.

Probiotics must be properly manufactured, packaged and stored to convey any real benefits.

Most are not.

Few manufacturers take into account that most of their probiotics will not survive the harsh stomach acids.

This harsh environment quickly kills off most unprotected probiotics.

Consuming even billions of probiotic cultures is a monumental waste of your time and money if they are dying in your stomach.

Truth #2: Probiotics Don’t Actually Work in the Stomach To the surprise of many, probiotics have no effect in the stomach.

Instead, they need to get past the stomach alive into the intestinal tract where they grow, multiply and work wonders for digestive and immune health.

Unless a sufficient dose of probiotics reaches the intestinal tract alive, your purchase is a waste of money.

Truth #3: You Need Enough Probiotics to Make a Difference Marketers exploit the American tendency to believe that more is better.

When marketing teams boast increased numbers of probiotics, the vast majority of Americans choose to buy those with the highest numbers.

After all, isn’t 20 billion probiotic cultures better than 10 billion?

Unfortunately, this is significantly misleading because it does not matter if the majority of them are killed on the shelf or in your stomach.

Probiotics are not a quick fix.

You didn’t become digestively unbalanced overnight.

It will take a few days to get re-balanced.

Running into Whole Foods Market and grabbing a packet of probiotics will only make you feel better psychologically.

You’ll feel like you have done something beneficial for your body, but you have been fooled.

Finally, Truth #4: Probiotics Require the Right Delivery Method So, if most probiotics die on the shelf or in your stomach, how can an effective dose possibly reach your intestinal tract?

The answer is three-fold.

• Any strain of probiotic should be specifically manufactured to survive the harsh environment of the stomach in order to arrive alive where they need to grow.

• Probiotics need to be packaged and stored in a manner that promotes a long shelf life.

• Probiotics should be taken with prebiotics for maximum effectiveness. Prebiotics provide the food to assist probiotics to flourish once they reach the intestines.  

So, What Should You Do?

First: Pay less attention to the supposed quantity of probiotics “at time of manufacture.”

Those numbers by themselves do not matter.

Secondly: Does the manufacturer have proof their probiotics will survive the stomach ‘killing field’ alive.

And lastly: The most effective probiotics always do better when combined with prebiotics.

Buy brands that combine them.

In this video, we have been willing to show you the truth that most marketers and manufacturers don’t want you to know.

You deserve the truth.

By the way, the probiotics we use in our beverage enhancer known as Gusto to Go are specifically manufactured and guaranteed to reach your intestines alive.

There they are ready to feast and multiply on the pre-biotics in our formula.

Just wanted you to know.

Thanks, and Best Wishes!

Pansy FlickPresident & FounderofGusto to Go


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