29. How Tour Operators Fail Their Clients

29.  How Tour Operators Fail Their Clients

This post is a blatant attempt to raise awareness about one area of travel that is often overlooked by tour operators and other sources intended for travelers. About once in every 500 travel blogs I read there is a slight nod towards the topic, "how to stay healthy when traveling." Hopes are often dashed when the content is bland: "Eat safely, stay hydrated, beware of "street" foods, and the best advice of all, get plenty of sleep."

Admittedly, this isn't the main focus of their profession. But I put forth the idea that addressing this topic, might extend their appeal to travelers and would be greatly appreciated.

Research over decades reveals 54% of all travelers get sick on their travels. While this could be everything from a migraine headache to a heart attack, the majority of those sicknesses involve some level of digestive challenge.


Digestive health can affect you in all aspects of your health from mental fatigue to your immune system overall being downtrodden.  


A recent personal anniversary trip to Italy was unexpectedly marred by such digestive distresses.  We set out to resolve these problems with a bevy of scientists. And we have.


Our product "GustoToGo" is the answer to these problems that we developed with the help of some of the top scientists in their field.  GustoToGo doesn't just ease your symptoms of digestive troubles, but rather actually works to fix the true problem at hand.  No more wasted money on hundreds of over the counter pills that do nothing more than attempt to ease your symptoms. 


GustoToGo is just a single packet mixed with your favorite hot or cold beverage a day and works to cure the true problem at hand, allowing you to start living everyday with Gusto and Enthusiasm

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